Why escorts do not fancy Text Messages

Stand out from the Crowd

It is very easy and simple to understand for any person who has common sense and who has not lost yet touch with real life, which has been drugged by the social media deeply affecting people’s decision and abilities to perform normal tasks.

We leave in a great century that unfortunately has been vilified by the power of Smartphones/ WhatsApp and other Soc Media that have made people’s brains more reluctant to talk to others and more willing  to use a silent language by writing text WhatsApp or any other media… Unaware that by behaving in this way, the silent texter cannot expect to receive the same live and colorful service that would certainly be given to someone who has made contact by introducing himself and exchanging a few words.

What unconsciously happens to everyone while sending a text message to a person seen on website with the purpose of physically meeting later on ?

In other words the person who sends a text message is considering his personal self as a human being, but apparently does not seem to have consideration for the other person on the other side of the telephone and probably and unconsciously assuming that she is an automated robot…

That’s ok this is the great Plague of this century_

 It is just an unconscious behavior that everyone has, No need to be worried it can be corrected by giving a Call__

Pls do not be confused by this modern technology that pushes the human being not to interact anymore with others _

It is certainly a good thing to order Items and various Gadgets on eBay and Amazon…

… However when it comes to deal with another Soul it is not appropriate to use the unattractive silent language made of printed letters on a screen… because in this way you are likely to be viewed as a number with no real identity, with the essential part missing (the beautiful sound of your voice)…. therefore making the other person losing interest about your Text which will be mixed with hundreds of other texts messages received during the week and during the day…..

It is normal to be nervous before contacting a person (Escort) who is unknown, but if you put yourself into the other person’s shoes you will realise that it is not so nice to receive silent text messages from someone who he could be anyone…

All escorts know that 80% of Texts stink_ You might say, ah well .. why because of other scammers and non-genuine guys I have to pay the consequences and not be trusted and likely to be considered a potential scam?

…  And you’re right my darling, but you see millions of other people have said the same thing while doing some Banking operations online, and having to deal with lots of annoying security questions and extra Pins and Codes to type before logging into their account_ One can sure tell that because of some mischievous people, institutions have made their security stronger and now they have a better verification_ Time have definitely changed for everyone and people do not trust as they used to_

Escorts are often victims of scams, or targeted by people with bad intentions, and so we have to take some precautions before inviting anyone in our place just to verify the genuinty of the person_ That’s all

Silent texts they actually do have a sound… And that is the sound of  Anonymity which is certainly not a nice introduction especially coming from someone that is going to get service on an intimate level when the time will come….  

A Call it is a must only when you need to get into someone’s place and physically meet the person, and for ex: NO Call would be needed if you are looking for a camera session or for any other at a distance sexual virtual session. Since your desire is to physically meet…. then talking to the other person is the least one can do to reassure the other at least partly, that you are a nice person_

If you’re Longing for a good service, you’ll be better off contacting the person having a brief chat to ask some questions that Will guarantee you to receive the good service you’re for and that your Money will be well.

Many men often complain about getting a very bad service  however when asked how did they book? 90% of these guys where those who booked the Escort through the automated service or by Text or worse by WhatsApp ..

Whatsapp is great, keep you in touch with family/ friend etc ,,,, however it becomes headache when it come to deal with hundreds of unknown people often wanting to display their genitals, body and assuming the other person will put up with people hiding on the screen who are not even showing who they are and what is the sound of their voice_ Whatsapp when it comes to this, is pure sickness, but in some cases I do use it with some clients who I have personally known and who are unfortunately Hearing impaired. It makes sense to use whatsapp this way, but It does not when someone can hear and talk_ 

Honestly on whatsapp we all look and sound like nameless Robots_

Therefore when you treat people like Robots you are likely to receive the same FeelingLess, uninterested and rushful service …

Are you feeling Nervous or Extremely Nervous ?

As a rule of Thumb if you are really super nervous, then don’t bother contacting yet, as this means you need more time or maybe this might not be right for you…

I rather not answer any text … or perhaps I could answer only the first 2 text  (that jump on the top of the list, while old texts go down) simply to remind the people to give me a call to speak like normal individual do before arranging a physical meeting … No matter how shy you are …

Don’t forget that you see me on photos. see me on video. and you probably are getting to know me and listened to my voice too 🙂 I do not need to see my Client, I only need to listen to his voice_

So Pls Sir, value yourself, Stand out from the Texting Crowd start by making contact with me whenever you feel comfortable, and whenever you are not at work, or with family, friends_

Pls treat me like a person by briefly talking and you will get all my affection and the best of my service __