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What i do when I am not a Part Time Entertainer

Shemale Trader

Wonder why i work as an escort on Alternate weeks, and not being so much available_? Here is the reason.

Is there anything Sexier and more Exciting than the Triple X Pleasure Itself ? ….Yes, Trading_! Staring at charts and making sense of the market, it is for me mhmhmhm… That is probably the reason why when meeting X-clients after sitting or standing for hours, I’m always quite Hot and Uplifted, and in the Mood to provide a Good Time_ So if you ever meet me as an escort, just ask me ,,, ‘Jia did you Trade this week’ ? If yes then I’m prepared for Action and you’ll be able to “Forget the World for 1 Hour with me”_

Little Warning >> This page is Not related in any form to the escorting Service I am providing, when off the hours from this technical Business i am currently Running. Also Pls Note I’m not a financial advisor and not able to give any Buy/Selling Advises nor I will consider proposals such as investing someone else’s money_ 

So why this Section on an escort’s Website ?

Throughout the years i have made a few friends among people with whom we share the same passion and we manage to exchange valuable information about this not so common career.

If you happen to visit this website, that means you are feeling naughty and I’m saying it in a good way, and if at the same time you happen to have a passion for trading or started from not so long, then you are welcome to get in touch and share stuff_ You feel horny at times, but you also have a normal life, right? and if in your life you happen to be a Part-Time/Full time Trader and like to share your stuff with me, then you’re welcome_

You never know you might be able to help me to organise my next Trading course for Beginners 😉

Most Important thing is that you approach me with a Genuine passion for Trading, and if not then see me as the “Jia the escort” and keep the feeling you had in mind when you initially visited this website and consider meeting me as an Escort to try your new experience with me_

Meanwhile let me tell you what I am into_

I started as anyone else with simple Forex Strategies and i guess like every one else i lost a bit of money,,,, Until ? Until you get fed up of taking random trades and behaving like The Casino people, and finally put down your head on the books, hundreds hours of screen time and so begin studying with commitment.

If i knew what i had to go trough since 2015 i don’t think i would have ever considered to undertake such a Business and survived the effort and the pain of what it takes to enter into the real world of the Markets. But hey, it does pay off eventually !_

This is not about betting and pray, this is about Reading the Charts, having a well written Clear Plan, updating the Journal and above all sticking rigorously to The money Management

Quick SnapShots Videos of What i do when I am not available to work as an Entertranser_  Iam in touch with a lovely community of traders who have different hours and basically when the Stock Market opens in Us at 9,30am, here in Uk it is 2,30pm  

We like to exchange links of our ideas and forming opinion. Stacking the odds in our favor, making sense of the psychological crowd forming the market, love to accepting losses when they come, and becoming better human beings trough trading by improving our judgement non judgement.

Never marry to a trade, and trade what you see not what you think are some of the rules i have implanted in my Brain system. 

The Brain is a system and we need to make it work for us, we are the engineer of our life_ There is no hell, there is no heaven, we make them on this earth we make our own destiny, and i enjoy being responsible for my own actions_

Quick Videos

Gold on Sierra Platform


No Indicators for me, Thank you 😉 _Price Action Only_

Spx 500 with Tick Charts + Order Flow Foot Print Chart

Small Analysis of ES _ (Video Excerpt)  

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