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Ts/Tv going to restrooms • logo Tv toilet tgw • By “Jia Vessi” (West-Ladyboy- Ts Entertranser)

-Restroom which one to use?
-Follow your way, in which way?
-Vespasian and The Coliseum

-People might wonder about it …

First it would be better to specify that Transgenders are not of course born women, even those after post-op surgery.
Also a proper difference between the Transvestite and the Transexual is a must, as most transsexuals have finished their transition process and look more like women. On the other end most Trans Tv, aside from those who really look feminine by nature do not have any breasts and their faces features still carries some recognisable male’s traits, in most cases_

It is easier for a Transexual to use the women’s toilet than for a transvestite, depending on the level of transition and how ready she is to accept all this in her mind first of all_
Funny enough there is not a specific Uk law that particularly states that Transgenders should not be allowed to go into women’s Toilet….
At least that is what I have been learning throughout these years by following the latest news_

A woman might complain about a man or a Trans using her toilet and at the most he gets a warning about the disturbance of peace, unless the shouting are so loud that the situation might become a bit more serious.
I guess common sense might suggest that there are cases and cases, as for example if someone is dying for a pee? It might be taken more seriously maybe if the guy did it outside the toilets ? But that is another matter_

Ever been to a Trans Club? Normally Trans will go to the Trans toilet which is separate from the members and clients …
I have heard that in some states of the Usa being dressed like a lady, and using a toilet in a shopping centre would be in breach of the law and one might be banned.
The Equality Act 2010 bars discrimination based on gender reassignment, sex and sexual orientation.
That’s right, but hang on a sec there … I’ll be back to this soon…

The idea of this posting came up yesterday, and was dying about writing about this, but too busy to do it yesterday.
The email that triggered this posting was given by Sm who is a dear Trans friend of mine, and she complained about not being able to use the ladies toilet in her city; I replied to her that common sense need to be used and thoughtfulness for other’s rooted habits needs to be always remembered.

In other words, Sm feels like a girl but her look is still blokeish alike_

Sm replied me back saying that: “Jia you said in another post that you need to follow your own way”….
Oh my Buddha,, … yes that is accurate about what I said, but I also added that consideration about others is a must…

I’m afraid that the look and the appearance matters when we are in society, and it is so much different when we are on our own and in our room_

There are times that you don’t want make the news of the day… Discretion, makes one more charming.. we do not need to show to others that we are Tg by pushing their will and acceptance about us.
Tact, mindfulness should be everyone’s equipment to possess before undertaking anything in life, and not only about being a transgender.

My point of view on The Equality Act 2010 that prevents discrimination based on gender reassignment, sex and sexual orientation, while it is certainly welcome and right, but it should not be used to make our own re-invention and interprete it in such a way to fit our uncanny plan.

Whether there is a law for it or not, I have the same opinion of the majority that find to be weird for a transgender to go to ladies toilet, as we need to keep things the way they are and being discreet.
It is definitely a different matter if toilet for Transgender would exist, and it is under consideration in some regions of the Uk.

I think there needs to be the right sense of balance in understanding that things need time to change..
Nowadays as I’m living full time as a Ts I use of course the ladies toilet, and every now and then just for fun I go into the men’s toilets everywhere I find myself to be, in airport’s toilets, club’s toilets…   and most times I hear someone saying, erhhmm sorry madam the ladies toilet is that side__ 😉

When I do manage to enter the men’s toilet most time I get a smile or a shy look by someone who looks at a miniskirt peeing in that kind of white porcelain sink that looks like a standing guitar.

Acquaintances on my blogger told me that also in Usa there are some schemes to make a restroom for Transgenders.

The new fast spreading Transexual phenomenon is without doubt a trend that is making news and gaining popularity, but forcing it, pushing it and accelerating the process will not make it so welcomed by many.
It looks like some people are in a hurry to see results in this life…

I love the story of the Coliseum which was started by The emperor Vespasian who never saw the completed construction, as it was completed by Titus his successor.

Knowing how to sense the reality with a universal sober mind will give more credit and recognition to Transgenders, rather than trying imposing and proposing new laws and legislations
Many Trans Tv or Ts prefer to avoid the potential embarrassment, of being judged when they enter a ladies toilet. It would be better to say that I would rather avoid the embarrassment caused by embarrassing the women in there, as many out there see Trans as technically being, still men.

Keeping it simple and being cautious about others views has its own beauty and will help to see Transgenderism not like a revolution, but as an innovation.

Unisex Toilet will be built one day, and that will be a nice work, as it will be perfectly okay for anyone to get in without feeling nervous.
Anything that creates anxiety, uneasiness should be avoided for a good living, and some Trans right’s fighters should understand that a day is 24hrs and going to toilet is about 2/3 min.

Discretion is the password, and by the way never to forget that: Ladies are ladies and Trans are Trans.

Thought I would express my humble opinion on this.

Kiss Kiss

Jia V_