Trans world and Straight mens interest Part 2

  • Part 2
  • By “Jia Vessi” (West-Ladyboy- Ts Entertranser)
  • -Follow your own way
  • -How do men who like transvestites, Really see transvestites?
  • -What men think of them when they go to see a transvestite? Do they feel gay ?
  • – How does a Transexual feel about his/her sexuality ?
  • – Are Transvestite gay ?
  • – Are transvestites accepted today in our society?
  • – Are you thinking about meeting a Transvestite but feeling a bit edgy and nervous?
  • -Choose someone with the right Vibes
  • – Few lines for men undecided about visiting a Transvestite Escort or non-Escort.
  • What else can we do ? Do we want to be happy, or do we want to carry with us always this feeling of discontentment?Some say It’s like feeling a woman trapped in a male’s body, some others call it: being born in the wrong body, but with all the due respect for those who uttered this statement i’d dare to challenge this assertion and say that it might be wrong to say so, unless you want to tell existence that she has done a big mistake, and there is no mistake here gentlemen.   . Therefore the only way it’s the Michelangelo’s way, start modelling your body according to your inner feeling until the Real David is born
  • Frank Sinatra was right, along with Elvis Presley, in the song “My way” I did my way .. wow. They did their way.
    If you are not following your own way then you are following someone else’s way.
    I’d better specify that by Following our way, I mean walking the path in a sane, wise and positive way.
  • Ja ! Lets come back to men and their relation with Trans Tvs T-girls.
  • Mhmhm how do men who like transvestites, really see transvestites?
    What men really think of themselves when they go to see a transvestite? Do they feel gay ?
    They start to feel at first weird and excited at the same time about this new inner feeling, and when browsing for shemales trough the net, their eyes are opened and focused. It is a different type of excitement, which brings along new emotions never experienced before.
    The Men, mostly straight or bi, look at a transvestite like a lady with a (+1) feature, as I pointed out before.
    About what men think about themselves when they join body with a Transexual, can be very personal and differ from individual to individual.
    The majority of men I have met, confirmed that they do not feel gay when meeting a Transvestite, nor they have problem thinking if they are bisexual or not.
  • How does a Transexual feels about his/her sexuality ?
    Are Transvestites gay ?
    All I can say is that, although I have few gay friends, here and there in London, I do not feel gay at all.
    Indeed I could never think of making love of joining body with another man, unless I am Jia with my feminine feelings.
    It is not really the clothes and the makeup stuffed up on the face, that creates the all scenario and the right atmosphere to do it right, but rather the sensations you get during the dressing and while getting ready,;;
    The time spent in front of the mirror taking care of the many details about the make-up, the hair, along with all the body cleaning and moisturisers being used, generate that female enthusiasm which is felt by the man who is going to meet you.
  • The finest thing I can say is>> Do not call names! It is the same when you got an headache.. don’t call names… the annoyance on the head is there, just let it be there, it will go. We can call it .. hmh !! wippszz ! Cloud, whatever…. but not calling it at all is the best.
    So it is with gays, lesbians, straight, or any possible classification. I try not to classify anything in life, as I noticed that by doing so I get the wrong idea about things and people. What is a gay or a lesbian? Just someone who follow their own inclinations, experiencing what makes them happy and fulfilled.
  • Are transvestites accepted today in our society?
    Not fully, the world is getting used to them, and the internet is spreading the word.
    In Usa and especially New York looks like they are almost like normal people.
    In Thailand a Ladyboy, is very much integrated in the society, and normally accepted by the general public.
    In London, hardly ever a Trans can be seen working in a Hotel or a Restaurant, however I do see at times south east Asian Transexual being employed mostly In clubs or other places for entertainment. Mhhm things are getting better.
    Thanks sky its not an offence in Uk and nor it is illegal.
    It is now generally accepted that if a man encounters the police while dressed as a woman, he is as entitled as any other law-abiding citizen to courtesy and consideration.
  • Are you thinking about meeting a Transvestite but feeling a bit edgy and nervous?
    Best thing to do >> Phone a few of them and see what is your feeling about it.
    Thinking is one thing and doing it is another.
    Try to talk to someone who has a sweet tone and is laidback.
  • Best is to introduce yourself, asking simple questions, and paying attention not so much to the answers but to the tone used when answering your question,,, Vibes count.
    Being Realistic with positive, calm attitude makes one charmer.
    Avoiding being gushy, avoid pushing,
    and other little details will make you feel loved and very welcome.
  • Also if you don’t happen to be suitable for the TS you called, do not take it personally, as each Trans follows different procedures and guidelines.
    -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-00000=-=–=–=-=-=-=-=- z >< x
  • Another few lines for men undecided about visiting a Tv/Ts.
    Thinking about it for long time, might give you the wrong idea.
    The reality is almost never the way we think. I am lucky enough to hear positive comments from people who said that it was better than they dreamed about.
    I did get rejections from the super-fussy some times, but it is part of my experience and well accepted. The Nike slogan was amazing, Just do it !
    It would be better to say, do it when you feel ready, but for some, feeling ready Is a big issue, as one step is taken towards the decision and 2 steps backwards.
    It happened to me, as far as I can remember 4/5 times.
  • There are no words which can convince someone about meeting a Transexual, and the only way is to listen to your feelings… Negative thoughts only mess up anything in life.
  • Meanwhile if you are still into your eternal decision, listening to your favorite music, while swinging your head, shaking your shoulders and hands, and thinking of when you were younger will keep your thoughts away for a while, and magic happen when we listen to the body.
  • See you soon
  • Big Hug
  • Jia