Trans world and Straight mens interest Part 1

  • Part 1
  • By “Jia Vessi” (West-Ladyboy- Ts Entertranser)
  • -Transvestites / Shemale / Transexual
  • -Tendency how does it all Start
  • -Cd-Tv-Ts Grouping 
  • -Straight men and Transvestites curiosity
  • -Transvestite transformation
  • -Hormons and Breasts
  • Welcome to the Trans world, where you can experience how different it is, to meet born-men, who follow their inclinations and decide to dress and make up accordingly.
    These are called the transvestites, transexual, T-girls, shemales, crossdressers, ,,,
    When does it all starts? Not sure really, however some people start to dress in their early age.
    Having lived in Thailand for 5 years, I have personally seen how the future ladyboys are born.
    Its all about about genes and personal inclinations that nobody can change in our personalities.
  • Normally this tendency is hidden especially in christian countries where the fear of judgement is extremely high. The most courageous Tvs manage to be themselves, to fully dress up and go around town with full makeup and ladies clothes.
    It is nice indeed when you follow your own inclinations and appetites and just walk your own path.
  • Most Transvestite will go even further and their brain will starts to act like the ladies brains, wanting things and feeling as women feels.
    Women normally are less sexual then men and they get excited by a guy who knows how to talk and play nice jokes, without being too silly,,, Girls do not certainly appreciate to see a man’s penis sent to their email inbox, photos, videos or whatsoever, unless few of them had few drinks and that is another story.
  • They like to make sure that the guy who is talking to them is taking them seriously and has a nice personality, well groomed, and clean, as cleanliness is close to godliness. It does not matter for them how handsome one can be, if a man is missing the main qualities a woman is looking for, then its a nil.
  • Ah Ja ! Guess what ? When a transvestite begin to be attuned with her own feminine side, he/she becomes exactly like women. The man inside the transvestite is still alive of course, but by and by it becomes smaller and smaller, and a new feminine figure begin to slowly come up.
  • For those confused about all the jargon words about Trans, here are few details that might help you.
  • Cd-Tv-Ts Grouping
  • CD-TV-TS _ Grouping
    Difference between Cd/Tv/Ts/ (Shemale-Ladyboy-Ladyman-Transexual)
  • Categories
  • Would like to be-TV – Men who enjoy wearing women clothes whilst going to work, staying in, as well as dining out. They can have beard and not shaved. They are attracted to women, but curious to meet men. Kinda Bisexual.
  • Cross Dresser (CD) – Men who do it for fun, or because they seriously start thinking about looking similar to women. They are not bothered putting on makeup. Most cross dressers shave all body. We have two different groups here, the First has none or little attraction for women, and tend to like more the company of men. The Second group has a strong attraction for women.
  • ….In between TV and Wltb-Tv
  • Transvestite (TV) – Guys who dress up in women’ clothes Full or Part-time following their inner feeling of looking and behaving like a woman. All body is shaved and much care is taken about details. There is little or no more attraction for women, and the company of other men is very welcome. All that a woman can like in a man, the TV likes it too. Some still are attracted to women of course.
    Transexual (TS) A TS feels almost like being a lady since his childhood. A real TS will have Breast, and her face looks cute. Top TS are Post-Op, with the sexual female organ (vagina) implanted. 
    What we call a TS here, its called a Ladyboy or Ladyman in Thailand.
  • – T*Girl’ or ‘tranny’ are short words for Tv
  • – Transgender refer to a broader category related to individual, behaviors, inclinations. Can be heterosexual,
  • – She-Male – Has the same meaning of Transexual, and it is a more specific word often heard in the adult
    industry or in Transexual advertising.
  • -Straight men and Transvestites curiosity
    -Transvestite transformation
    -Hormones and Breasts
    Nowadays there is an increased percentage of straight men wanting to try this new kind of experience.
    Its becoming the new passion of this century… A straight man, whether married or in a relationship, Joining bodies with a Transexual.
    When asking to some straight guys why they like Trans, their answer is always almost the same but so unique from each of them…
    I guess the world feels the need for real women with (+1) attributes. Can you imagine if that was really to happen ? Women totally women with a (+1) down below ?
  • It seems that the internet helped the men to re-discover the lost prostate pleasure. It seems that quite a few guys out there are willing to experience what is like to be a little passive and a receiver, although many other guys will remain only active and there is no way they will ever have a passive experience.
    It is rightly so, and both are respectable feelings!
  • If you have ever been with a Transexual, you might have noticed that once you see her few times, you slowly begin to forget the man inside her, and really thinking that she is a lady. You will have wet dreams about her, thinking about her, calling her name and often watching at her photos.
    This is so normal, and just right !
  • I know of many T-girls lovers who have totally forgotten about women, or they were not interested in the first place.
  • The best level is reached by Trans who not only identify themselves with women, but they really become like women, in anything they do, cooking, shopping, movements of their body, being fussy about things, and spending so much time in a shop.
    I was a lazy shopper and for me was just enough to go in central London and buy a pair of jeans and get out fast….. as soon as i could.
    Looking back at the way i was, I am just laughing at myself.
    Now am able to visit my favorite shops and being able to spend hours just to make the right choice.
  • Most Trans are now using applied eyelashes which makes the eyes much better and sexier. I have used them a couple of times for a private party, then i gave up since i found a good triple mascara that makes my eyelashes thicker and better.
    I have also used those types of fake nails green, blue or red colours, but have given up the idea as they are not suitable when i need to practice the real body massage
    To complete my transformation, I am currently using some female hormons products which make my skin softer and smoother,  and permanently eliminate the beard shadows for a nice face complexion.
  • Continues on Part 2 >>>>>>>>>>
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