The Importance of the Call to the Escort

The Importance of the Call to the Escort 

Why is it important to directly call your chosen girl, rather than sending text messages, whatsapp messages, website messages ?

The easiest answer would be because Escorts even though they might be seen by the majority of people as Items to choose off the shelf, they are still persons like anyone else, and therefore it is normal to give a call to someone before the meeting to establish if there is a proper connection which could lead to the decision to meet_

When people text, i see only numbers and Printed letters on a screen, but i cannot listen to the person’s voice which means a lot for me as i work with voices_ My preference is for polite voices wich reflect people having manners, and of course with Good command of the English_ I do not take people with broken English, or any other person who sees sex workers as

people you can talk the way they feel, by using words such as, Hey, Yoh, or any other nonsense normally used when you know the person and not used when you don’t know someone yet_

My Adverts always have this little sentence written just below this paragraph , which is often ignored when considering the great amount of text messages received asking details by text message

Guys plzz…. Stand out from the Crowd_ I’m polite enough to answer a couple of texts or Wzp messages, but PRIORITY is given to CALLERS willing to visit…and voices give positive feeling about the meeting_
Thank you for your attention”_

Another sample sentences that I write in all of my profiles is:  

=== ==”I VALUE THE TELEPHONE_CALL which sounds always better than any cold….text or Wzp message, as it creates the right

chemistry through Positive Voice Vibrations before our meeting_ 
I am Friendly as I am a people’s lover, I don’t bite, no worries about that_ 😉

=====PRIORITY is GIVEN TO CALLERS, hence Once you’ve done your job of plucking up the courage and give me a Call, then let me do my work and we take it from there.


Most times guys who book escorts by texts messages only, they wonder why they received a bad service when they thought they had been polite enough to do everything correctly, and the reason could be because they did not make sure to have any initial voice connection over the telephone first, and ask the Escort which services they were requiring, and if the girl was providing those type of services, and so on_

Even though websites have all those lovely boxes displaying all the given Services by the Escort, it is essential to be reminded that not every service might be suitable for all guys, and one service given to one client might have a different result than the service given to the previous person or to anyone else, as we are all different and the human interaction must be considered in this cases_

In my experience I would say that 98/99% of meetings with all the clients who have met me by giving me a proper call, have gone well and I received the thank you by text after they walked away from my bed_

Voices open people’s perception and trough voices a lot can be understood and a lot more possibilities of a better chemistry can be created_

It is also understandable that some guys are too shy to call and so I allow a couple of text messages for an initial contacts, but I have noticed that the majority of the times answering multiple texts it becomes like an endless chain and the guy is never actually seriously committed to come_

Other clients might not be able to call at the time when they decide to contact me, and so they will do so later, if their intention it is real and genuine_

Most important things here, is that when someone is ready to have an experience with a Ts he will certainly do everything necessary to book an appointment in the next hours or so, or making a pre call some time before coming to get a feel of the escort he is likely to meet.

Nowadays most of us prefer not to deal personally with people, and often we tend to use those automatic services where you can order Items online and get it delivered to your door; However making a voice contact with a Tgirl that you are going to join body with…. it is just nice and will certainly make the girl feel that she needs to do well for you_

A CALL, a VOICE that genuinely wants to Meet a Ts, opens up the mind and the heart, a call it is like the sun that opens up some flowers or water plants … have you ever heard about : “The Morning Glory”___  Pls be my sun that makes your flower be opened and be ready for you_

I just wrote this article for people asking me many times, why do they need to call_

Many Thanks