Tgirls and straight men wonder



  • By “Jia Vessi” (West-Ladyboy- Ts Entertranser)
  • Here we are talking again about the wonderful world of Transgenders in relation to themselves and to straight men. It’s the new approach and the new vogue of this century ..
  • Shall we call it a fashion? Mmhmh kind of, however when a new fashion comes up and you like it, you can decide to choose it or not, but when it comes to Trans world it’s a different matter.
    Men’s mind has entered into a new dimension and slowly dragged into the Trans bubble …where hundreds of Tgirls just love to spend their time with their cool straight man.
  • Having written already on Trans world and Straight men’s interest 1 / 2

  • I thought I would add some more observations, due too the fact every time I meet new clients or speak to various men and Tv on chat-forums, I always find out new and interesting points to think about.
  • Mostly will argue that straight men are not so straight anymore when going to meet a t-girl and spending a good time with her exploring different realities, however I can assure that a straight man preserves without doubt his inclination for the heterosexual, as long as he can see a Tv having a feminine figure.
  • The gay association does not belong to either Trans or straight men and one does not need to feel gay when it comes to meet transsexuals.
    I had long conversations with many of my gay friends about this, whom we never had some kind of psychical contact and we just enjoy being chat-buddy ;
  • Gays are normally attracted to people of the same sex and there is nothing wrong with it, as all sexual inclinations and mind patterns must be respected; 
    Inclinations in people’s minds did not just come up from nowhere but it was a beautiful gift from existence to make man and women feel more at ease with themselves…
    I have witnessed so many cases where sad men or women where living in a strange and weird relationship because they did not understand where they stood in their life, and once they found out what made them feel more alive, they were okay with the world and got their smile back.
  • About myself? I use to have girlfriends like anyone else, but I always found that there was something missing in my life, and that was the feeling of being what I always wanted to be.
    You will find out who you are when you try and experience different things in your life.
    Last time I explained the difference between the super-straight, the straight, the bisexual, the gays and the Trans; Where gays choose their partner to feel at ease with their sexual life and super-straight would not even think to meet a Trans and would always fancy real ladies, whether bi-men would be just happy to try their experience with tgirls or man-to-man too.
  • For a straight man deciding to meet a Trans for the first time, would be like for a straight woman beginning to cuddle the idea to go and meet another woman with a masculine attitude.
    Desires of the mind and people’s inner needs ! Amazing isn’t it ?
  • Ok Ja! Back to straight men and Trans, it is not a surprise to see professional men, married or not, fancying the idea of meeting a tgirl… 
    They are normally attracted not so much by crossdressers which could be any man just wearing a pair of stockings and a bra and still keeping his body not shaved and like a man.
    Tgirls are dedicated people with feminine feelings who spend most of their time perfecting their womanly figure by doing all they can by taking care of their body and face….
  • Some will go trough the heavy ad complex process of real transition and begin to take hormones to make their body smooth, lovely, and becoming as close as possible to a woman’s figure.
    A few straight men are still doubtful about meeting with a Ts because they will feel homosexual, and I have to admit that it does take time to gain some courage to spend some times with a tgirl if you have not done your homework beforehand.
  • Fundamentally what makes a tgirl is the feeling inside herself of feeling womanlike considering she was born as a man. 
    All the makeup and the lingerie one can apply on top of the feminine feelings harmonize the whole picture, but essentially the genuine tgirl finds her joy in living her life like a woman.
  • For most men, it has always been normal and weird at the same time to explore other men and to see their naked parts … ever noticed what happens when people shower after a training session in the jim ? The curious eyes will always look at another naked man’s penis..
    That is all normal and the feeling for first timers to hold in their hands the attribute right in the middle of those legs becomes stronger and stronger ….
  • Obviously straight men want to make sure that if they are going to do that, it must happen with the Trans they fancy the most.
    I have met Ts who were sad to have got rid of their god-given feature, as they had no more admirers as they use to …
  • Tgirls will always be there and if you are a straight man beginning to consider the idea of meeting a Trans in the flesh, then do your homework, and some more researches might clear your hesitations.
    Essential things to know about tgirls is that you should treat them like girls, and I always like to say that if you have been good with real ladies, then you will be just fine with tgirls too.

    Taking the time to being nice and gentle will often get you positive results… and normally to give is to receive, as the other is you, and you are the other.
  • Tgirls whether they are super sexual or not, like anyone else need the right fuel for the mind to get those arousing feeling in order to get the passionate body changes… and we all know what we are talking about here right ?
    A straight man is a straight man, and by fancying tgirls one is just experiencing a different breadth of his life, that’s all.
    Trans are Trans too and for what they can they live according to their way of living life.
    Trans and straight guys can be a good match, and The Cool Man get it all.
    Big kiss Ja