Straight Men Feeling Like Wearing Lingerie

  • By “Jia Vessi” (West-Ladyboy- Ts Entertranser)
  • Straight men feeling like wearing lingerie, for their eyes only…
    Straight men feeling like wearing lingerie, to share their feeling with someone else…
    Straight men feeling like wearing lingerie to share their feeling with their woman…
    Straight men feeling like wearing lingerie, to share their feeling with a Trans-x…
    Straight men feeling like wearing lingerie, to try something that they had in mind from long time…
  • Is it normal.?
    Normal ? Neither this nor that; It is what it is.
    We set limits in our mind, and we decide what is best for us.
  • Looking at the online dictionary ,,
    Normal is described as: conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural, serving to establish a standard.
  • And words obviously are only words, used to define realities, which don’t take into account what is beyond realities.
    And the reality is that we all need to set free our inner desires and wishes, perceptibly considering that we live in a society and surrounded by others. Easy !
  • It is certainly normal when it happen indoors in our privacy, or within organized places like parties, or other similar social gathering, and when you keep it to yourself or share it only with people who are likewise and welcome our way of thinking and acting in private.
    The wildest fantasies are perfectly normal, when they are not imposed or forced onto anyone who does not share our way of thinking, and are only shared with adults who have reached certain stability.
  • To live peacefully in our civilization we need to follow the standard and common behavior, and not in any way trying to propose or solicit, what might cause disturbance to others.
  • Lingerie, nylons stockings, fishnet, bra, babydolls, corsets,,, do they make you feel good ?
  • Few men nowadays are experiencing this deep desire of wearing few pieces of women’s underwear in the privacy of their home, and they feel welcomed and accepted only by Transvestites and Transsexuals, to whom they feel they can share their desires without being judged.
  • Lucky are the men who can share these feeling with their Gf or wife and get a positive response from her, as usually when you are trying to propose this desire to your partner or someone female, you know, you are most likely to be declined and being looked as weirdo. That’s life. Most women can’t stand their man looking like a sissy.
  • As I reminded in another post, if the lady say no, it is a no, so please leave it… your proposal has been rejected your attempt to convince her, failed, so now it is time to leave it.
    As someone once said once: “Women cannot be understood, they can only be loved”
  • If you like to wear panties regardless whether you feel bisexual or not, and you still like women, you’d better let the other know about your inclinations and personal tastes. Its up to you and your gut instinct to understand who can be a suitable companion for yourself.
  • About me : I always started from understanding if there was a chance to share the same intimate interests, when I use to have a Gf years back, After few trials I understood that ladies were not for me. Few months passed as a single man, and when the time came I went to Thailand.
    To make it short, I found there what I found nowhere else, and had the type of relationship I always wanted to have.
    And that was my understanding at the time. A relationship for me could not be in two, but in three. Myself, the Lady companion and my lover Ladyboy. Afterwards ladyboys only.
  • It is natural for Trans to get calls from straight men, who ask me if it is a problem for them to meet me and to watch them being dressed up in lingerie too.
    It is not a problem at all, as I feel the guy is slowly getting I touch with his female part and most likely he is going to be a passionate and lovely man.
  • I still remember all the emotions of the first time I wore my initial underwear;
    Looking at myself in the mirror, I thought it wasn’t enough for me, and felt like as if something was missing, hence started fantasizing wearing a bra.
    After I got my bra, I noticed that few hairs on the legs were still there, and it would not look so good to look at myself in the mirror, so I decided to shave my legs with great excitement.
    It was such a joy and contentment…. And joy always happen when we are getting closer and closer to our real-self, and to what we really desire to do; Who we want to be.
  • As a straight man, with private fantasies…what do you like to wear in your privacy ?
  • Lace bikini ? Kinda Hipster panties, Tanga, lace panties, or maybe Lace tongue ones? Red, Black white ? Most men would go for the black !
    The black inspires naughtiness, the red passion and transgression, the white more pure and simple closer to chastity and sin-lessness.
  • Having tried them all, I found that wearing white bra and knickers, with a pair of transparent holds up, generate in myself naturally more woman’s feelings.
    If then I add a black mini skirt with a white trendy white shirt and a pair med-high heels I get the complete figure of what I want to be in that moment to appear like an office lady, or a sexy secretary.
  • Wearing the appropriate lingerie or the suitable uniform it is very important when it come to role playing.
    Acting its all about assuming the roles and characters in a fictional setting, doing something that you never did before…Just like something that you watched in the movies and you always wanted to try.
    Role playing awakes the little actor inside all of us, and spices up our intimate life.
  • Straight men get into this kind of game too, and straight men are not gay when they do this, and not even fully bisexual.
    Again to name words, and calling names, never helps and rather creates confusion and prejudices.
  • If someone has a feeling of wanting to try this experience, he is one who has known how to connect with the other side of his being, and he is willing to express it trough dressing and have a fun time.
  • If you are still undecided and need some help, then let me know and I will see what I can do for you.
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