Shemales Types e Different type of first timers

  • By “Jia Vessi” (West-Ladyboy- Ts Entertranser)
  • Today i don’t have much time so writing a long text will do the job !
  • Did you know that there are 3 or I’d better say (2 and half) categories of shemales/Transexual? I will go through this quickly by pointing
    out the main common characteristics for each group.
  • Firstly I would like to say that this blog was inspired by a Ts who is exactly like a lady and she is a Topper only.
    I hardly ever meet a Transexual who has an Active Topper attitude only, and that is for me the 4th dimension of Transexualism.
  • I loved her positive outlook from the first moment I saw her, and we had a chat about various things. When the time came I tried a bit to
    tease her by asking her to show me her boobs, and suddenly got a normal reaction as a no like a normal lady would.
    1 more Transx at the meeting who fancied her tried to gently get behind her, and tease her a bit, but even this attempt failed with her.
    I thought that as she is only a topper, she could not have refused me sitting on her legs, and I then decided to give another go by testing her a bit more and while laughing and sipping a glass of wine, I sat on her legs teasing her with my bum, but there was nothing to do. She just said that other shemales do not turn her on and she is not a lesbian.
    Well, that was just something I did know, and after that meeting I told her that she inspired me to learn more and write a blog about
    different categories of Transexuals.
  • A shemale Type Ais someone who has:
    -Strong female feelings and strong female hormones since her birth
    -The facial features are feminine since her birth
    -Little or none hair growth
    -The voice pitch is also higher than a normal man’s voice, but not always.
    -The attitude is more receptive, and not aggressive, depending on the personality, though you may find some are more dominant
    than others.
    -Some can be completely women-like and also good housewives, some others not at all.
    -She likes to hang out only with men and can have a normal long term relationship with men only. Some others will like men, other
    Transexual or women and likely to have a relationship with a Transx too.
    -Her sexual preferences are likely to be passive or versatile, rarely only active.
  • A Shemale Type Bis someone who has:
    -Strong-to- Med female feelings, and a good amount of female hormones since her birth
    -The facial features are fairly feminine since her birth, less feminine than a Shemale class A, but can be improved if the desire to be a
    Tgirl will grow throughout the years.
    -Some hair growth on the face and body might be visible after the puberty period
    -The voice pitch is more mannish-like though you might notice something different from a normal guy with proper man hormones
    -The attitude is more receptive, and not aggressive, depending on the personality, though you may find some are more dominant than-Some can be completely women-like and also good housewives, some others not at all, and like to engage into man’s activities and jobs. Surprises from this shemale group are common, until they feel the time Is ripe and let their feminine feeling flow to be totally transformed and perfectly affectionate Ts.
    -She likes to hang out only with men, other shemales, sometimes and women too, and can have a normal long term relationship with other Transexual, although she is definitely able to fancy and enjoy the company and have a private sexual life with men and ladies in the
    short term.
    -Her sexual preferences are likely to be versatile, rarely only active.
    A mix of the A/B it is obviously possible, as human being have their unique style and inclinations.
    A Shemale Type C is someone who has:
    Who has all the characteristics of Shemale A or B types, but will like mostly women or other Transexuals ..This is very rare and I have met only one of this type, from Usa, who told me she will meet men only if she is drunk ..
    Thai Ladyboys
    Almost all Thai ladyboys are likely to have more feminine traits since their birth, also the attitude is more lady-alike, the voice is also
    feminine and they are willing to have a relationship with men only .If an European/overseas/brasilian shemale can make love with other
    Transexual, it is not so for a Thai Ladyboy.
    Hardly ever I found ladyboys who will sleep with other ladyboys or ladies. The good news is that most of them are versatile and fully
    After this small general description of the shemales I have dated, met in person, and chatted online, for 9 years, I understand that
    everyone has their personal tastes and has a different outlook about lifestyle.
    Things that need to be considered before choosing your favourite shemale are: No matter if someone is a type of a Shemale A/B/C, she
    can look feminine or little feminine, super sexy or not , have a big cock or a small one, but it is important to know her approach towards life and personal attitude.
  • You might find difficult sometimes searching for a very feminine shemale, with a hard and fat cock, and who is active only. So you might refine your search and look for someone who is a gorgeous and lady-alike, with a hard cock and a good lady figure / versatile.
    If you are more of a topper and like her to be a good bottom, and you don’t mind if she don not get hard, then there is a lot to choose from as most escorts will be happy to be topped and it comes more natural for them to do so.
    All these considerations will take us to another stage in relation to shemale types, which is also the one related to men’s type, or different type of first timers.
    I find that there are three types of first timers who would like to experience the new dimension of the Ts world>
  • Few men can be classified as Super straight: They would never go with a Transexual no matter how feminine she can be….
    The straight curious who fancy ladies and Transx, and
    The Bi who likes, women, Transexual and also don’t mind to be with other men.
  • 1st typeare Those who would like to see a perfect lady-alike figure, and expect The Ts to be truly feminine in her face and voice and
    passive, generally not interested with what is below her skirt, but might get curious about it later on.
    The 2nd type is about more curious guys who expect the same thing of the first type of first timers in terms of the feminine face, however they are willing to play with each other’s both ways, and find an essential part of the game to see the Ts to be well equipped and fullyThe 3rd Type are guys who don’t mind to see perfect feminine tracts and recognize the fact that they are going to see a chick with a dick.
    What is the difference between all this types of attitude and personal tastes?
    Not much, it’s the chick with dick effect, males genitals surrounded by female forms.
    Firstly one does not become a shemale, but rather a decision is taken to finally pull out the shemale hidden inside us. Someone correctly said that “when one is truly ready for a thing, it puts in its appearance.
  • Transexualism is something different, difficult to understand to some, however in the near future will be much clearer and the more you
    meet Trans the more few of the myths about them will be totally dispelled.
    Thai Ladyboys, who are they? And what’s so special in it? Mhmhm I’ll pass to give a detailed description… I guess my English is too
    poor to explain it in a few words.
    All I can say is that an amalgamation of feminine face tracts, whilst some opaque masculine clues lie underground their personality, their behavior total affects you and you just end up having to want more of it.
  • Ladyboys, shemales, transsexual whatsoever we want to call it, It is the new phenomenon of this century, it is never been like this in the
    past and we don’t know about the future, it is our present, and I just Luv it !