Shemales Types and how it relates to Guys 

  • By “Jia Vessi” (West-Ladyboy- Ts Entertranser)
  • Shemales Types and how it relates to Guys 


    • By “JiaVessi” (West-Ladyboy- TsEntertranser)
    • Today i don’t have much time so writing a long text will do the job !
    • Did you know that there are 3main Categories/Types of shemales/Transexual? I will go through this quickly by pointing out the main common characteristics for each group.
    • With all the due respect for story tellers, I’d like to point out that: My Blogs are not fantasy stories invented by the human mind, but indeed it is a long and detailed search about the reality of Transgender world_ I am travelling the country and getting to know more and more TGs to whom I like to ask any sort of question and slowly, slowly all the pieces of the puzzle come together_
    • If I’m using the words of Shemale, or Tg Transgender, or TsTransexual, it’s fine, although someone might like it and someone else might not like it; To me words are just words, but to some people for example if you are using the word Tranny it could be a little offensive, so this word will be avoided, for respect of all the Ts I have met along the way and who told me about this_
    • About the categories now>
    • It is not an exact science of course there will always be some variations between one category and another, due to our inner inclinations and preferences_

    Generally people tend to think of someone being a shemale if they see Boobs and Cocks, and They think of Tv(Transvestite) when someone dresses in girly clothes and she has no Breast, Although this can be true in some ways, it does not have to be necessarily associated with the level of femininity and feminine attitude, as researches tell me that some classified Tv’s are indeed more feminine that some Ts, and even though they might lack of breasts when you are in the presence of one of them you will feel you are being in the company of a girl.. as simple as that_

    • A shemale/Ts Type A is someone who has:
      -Strong female feelings and strong female hormones since her birth
      -The facial features could be feminine since her birth
      -Generally she might have normal or little body hair growth, though I have met some who needed more lasers than me, to get rid of all body hair and never wanting to use a razor to shave again_
      -The voice pitch is also higher than a normal man’s voice, but not always.
      -The attitude is more receptive, and not aggressive, depending on the personality, though you may find some are more dominant than others.
      -Some can be completely women-alike and also good housewives, some others not at all.
      -The majority of them likes to hang out only with men and can have a normal long term relationship with men only.

    Some others will like, other Transexuals, seldom women and likely to have a relationship with a Transx too, depending on their circumstances, though obviously the preferences are for guys_
    -Her sexual preferences are likely to be Passive or Versatile, rarely only active.

    I have noticed that Pre-op shemale are more likely to fancy guys only, than Post-op Shemales. For some reasons many of the Post-op Ts, they are likely to like guys but will be able to love other Ts, or even women too_

    I’m sorry if someone struggles to understand these divergences, but Pls also note that not all Shemale cat/A are born in such a way, and indeed a Shem cat/A could also be a Gay Guy, who throughout the years found out that he will be able to better express his love for men by being a Ts and so naturally he/she will like only men_

    • A Shemale Type B is someone who has:
      -Strong-to- Med female feelings, and a fair amount of female hormones since her birth…. Also meaning inside feminine attitude, not necessarily showing an effeminate behavior
      -Generally, but not always The facial features are fairly feminine since her birth, and probably less feminine than a Shemale class A, but can be improved if the desire to be a Tgirl will grow throughout the years.
      -Some hair growth on the face and body might be visible after the puberty period
      -The voice pitch is more mannish-like though it should have some qualities of gentleness
      -The attitude is more receptive, and not aggressive, depending on the personality, though you may find some are more dominant than others and can be completely women-like and also as close as possible to women’s behaviors, while some others not at all, and like to engage into man’s activities and jobs. Surprises from this shemale group are common, until they feel the time Is ripe and let their feminine feeling flow to be totally transformed and perfectly affectionate Ts.
      -She often likes to hang out only with other shemales, men and women too, and can have a normal long term relationship with other Transexuals, women, and possibly men too_
      -Her sexual preferences are likely to be Active/Versatile, rarely only active, though everyone is different_

    Pls note; The difference about liking and loving or preferences, so for example a Shemale Type/A is more likely to have a relationship of love with a man, than a shemale Cat B, even though Cat B love sex with men and can like guys too_

    A mix of the A/B it is obviously possible, as human beings have their unique style and inclinations.

    A Shemale Type C is someone who has:
    Who has all the characteristics of Shemale A or B types, but will like mostly women or other Transexuals ..This is not so common, and I have met a few Ts types like these in Uk, and other mostly from Usa/Holland/Australia/France who told me they like women only and for some of them, they will meet men only if they’re drunk..
    Thai Ladyboys
    Almost all Thai ladyboys are likely to have more feminine traits since their birth, also the attitude is more lady-alike, the voice is also feminine and they are willing to have a relationship with men only .If an European/overseas/brasilianshemale can make love with other Transexual, it is not so for a Thai Ladyboy, in the majority of cases_
    Hardly ever I found ladyboys who will sleep with other ladyboys or ladies. The good news is that quite a few are versatile and fully functional, aside from those who will only feel comfortable with guys who are Active only when it comes to meet ladyboysshemalesetc …


    Shemales Types and how it relates to Guys part 2

    After this small general description of the shemales I have dated, met in person, and chatted online, for 9 years, I understand that typically there is a typical common behavior when it comes to certain types of Ts, and of course everyone has their personal tastes and has a different outlook about lifestyle.
    Things that need to be considered before choosing your favouriteshemale are: No matter if someone is a type of a Shemale A/B/C, or how feminine or little feminine she can look, or super sexy or not , or have a big penis or a small one,___ the most important aspect is to come to know her approach towards life and personal attitude.

    You might find difficult sometimes searching for a very feminine shemale, with a hard and fat cock, and who is active only. So you might refine your search and look for someone who is a gorgeous and lady-alike, with a hard cock and a good lady figure / versatile.
    If you are more of a topper and like her to be a good bottom, and you don’t mind that she does not get hard, then there is a lot to choose from as most escorts will be happy to be topped and it comes more natural for them to do so.


    Having said all that, __ How can all this relate with Guys, and how can this little info be useful to Ts Lovers?

    it is important not to assume and not to be deceived by appearances and find out which type of Shemale fits your personality by knowing your personality and sexual preferences when it comes to choose a Ts that suits you_

    I had written another article called: Different types of first timers and this description below is just to give to guys some guidelines that probably will be helpful to them to understand a bit more_
    I find that there are 3/4 types of men… not necessarily “First timers”, who would like to experience the new dimension of the Ts world>

    Few men can be classified as Super-straight: They would never go with a Transexual no matter how feminine she can be….   Do not argue ever with these types as to change someone’s mind it is an ugly thing to do, so pls respect!

    The Bi who likes, women, Transexual and he also don’t mind to be with other men.

    The straight curious Type 1 and 2 who fancy ladies and Transx, and

    And the >>Tsx Man, who is nothing but a man who will fancy Transexuals only,,, and the number of these guys seems to grow nowadays_

    The Bi for example does not have any issue being together with other men (man-to-man) Trans and ladies_

    The straight curious Type 1, are Those guys who would like to see a perfect lady-alike figure, and expect The Ts to be truly feminine in her face and voice, and they don’t even think about being penetrated by a ts, indeed if the chosen Ts is not able to get hard he does not mind at all as he expects her to be passive as a proper girl_
    The straight curious Type 2, is more curious guys who expect almost the same thing of the (Type-1) in terms of the feminine face, however they are more open minded and willing to play with the Ts in both ways_

    These type 2,  find it essential part of the game to see the Ts to be well equipped and fully functional down below_ Type 2 is willing to be also passive with the Ts of her choice, but not every type of men wants to try to be penetrated by a Ts,,, even though I have to say they will try some kind of anal play_ In my experience I have noticed that most guys who come to me are willing to try the Anal experience __ It uses to be 70% passive with me (me being active) but nowadays I have to say the percentage has risen to 90% being passive with me (me being active)…

    In other words used to be that 70% of the guys was willing to be penetrated and 30% was willing to be Active and penetrate me, but nowadays I find that 90% of guys are are willing to be penetrated and 10% only wants to be active…. 2 or 3% will not like their Anal to be touched at all, but I noticed that almost everyone would like a little of anal play, not necessarily with a full penetration_

    -The Tsx Unique Group is part of a phenomenon that I like very much… These are classified TSX Lovers, and somehow their mind heart and soul has been so much taken by the Transexual reality, that I doubt they will be able to enjoy sex if Ts were not there in this world_

    These Types of men are increasing and I know of a few guys who like only Trans, and will even be able to live and get married with them_ The TSX Lover has no shame and does not care about what the world thinks about them, or if they are judged in the wrong way_  sooo what can I say Long live the TSX Lovers __-xxxxx

    Let us not forget that ladies are ladies and Trans are Trans, and I will never compare myself to a lady, and neither I want to be one_ To be a lady it is a gift, and to be a Trans it is also a gift, even though my parents and relatives thought it was a curse,,ihihih,, but never mind that, respect for everyone and freedom to be.. The Ts Reality it is an increasing phenomenon and more Ts are being seen in our streets of this century, it is never been like this in the
    past and we don’t know about the future, it is our present, and I just Luv it !