Proposed Actions/Services

———[ Services ] ———‘
(MoY)= Me on you
(YoM)= You on Me
(BW) =Both Ways

●Real massage / hands elbows frictions kneading ,,,,,, My Boobs on your back Rubbing + Cock Rubbing _ (MoY)

●Top / Me penetrate you
●Bottom / You penetrate me
●Both ways / yes

●Gf-Experience = Kissing* cuddles intimacy Hot cocktail of passion

●Light domination = Telling you what to do, more like me being in control (MoY) (BW) –( Feet Stuff out of the game, pls dont ask)–

●Smoke fetishes = Passing smokes in each other’s mouth / normal rolled tobacco o cigarettes (BW)

●Cum in Mth = (ask) min booking 1hr booking after 7pm (MoY)…if morning time, or before 6/7pm, min 90 mins booking

●Face fucking/Sitting (MoY)
●Rimming (YoM) Ok
-Rimming (MoY) No

●Prostate Massage (Anal) / + BJ

●Blow job Owo = Cock, (spots free /lump free/
Clean cock )-(BW)
69 Sucking any positions
●Deep throat (BW)

■Light spanking ok (BW)

■Pliers_Legs Holding (scissors) (MoY)
■Bed Light-Wrestling…. Playing .. Body Squeezing .. . “The Light Way”

●Occasional Light Party **

_ <( Things I don’t do : )>
■Foot fetishes stuff …
■Peeing or other extreme fetishes as
■Tying people up or heavy domination …
All these are practises that I am not into and I don’t like to do them _