My Experience with couples

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By “Jia Vessi” (West-Ladyboy- Ts Entertranser)

The last 2 locations visited were Coventry 4th Aug and Colchester where I am currently staying for one more day 8th Aug/19 _ Here in these places the request to have a 3sum with Ts-Fem-Man is very high and it is not really clear why that happens, however I am enjoying it all the way and whatever the reason is, I love to meet curious men with their Gf, or wife_

The last meeting this morning was very exciting, as I welcomed an Essex couple where the girl was very shy and nervous and the guy seemed to be quite confident for being a first timer_ The chap asked me to perform my best massage on his girl while he will be watching all dressed and then he would join in,,,,

[b]I massaged the girl and touched each corner of her body[/b], and I could feel slowly slowly her tension going away, and it was amazing to see her pussy getting wet so that I couldn’t resist sticking my tongue in there and rolling it sideways, up and down ….The guy eventually got undressed and joined in so he got to penetrate me from behind while I was still massaging the girl with my boobies on her back, and I have to say that was an amazing feeling …. More actions followed of course and it was like it was my first time with a couple too,, and I loved to see 2 enthusiastic people playing with me_ This inspired me to write a little article about my experience with couples_
With Couples I have always had a nice understanding. It is interesting to know and to see many things and also the reason why F-M couples decide to meet a shemale or also another man for a 3sum.

I am get requests from Brit-Asian couples and some mid-east couples too.. My view on women changed long ago and now I am literally surrounded by women whether it is to make a new video, for the makeup, photo shooting, or simply briefly meeting with other females to have a chat and a tea together.

When I get a call for a 3sum, it is normally from a husband inquiring if I am willing to meet with her wife too, and my first words are: “Does your wife fully agree to this?”
My requirement to be able to be with couples is that I need to talk to both partners before booking any appointment, as this is the best way to know if both are happy to undertake this new practice.
Most of the couples have no idea where to start and how to proceed, and it is best to remind them that we just need to follow the flow … It is not about the wide variety of positions one can do, but it is about how you get to that position just by following the inner sensual stream. I do get couples who take along with them a video to practice what they had in mind, however it all becomes so mechanical and superficial if a plan is there … But if they are happy I am happy too.

Someone wrongly said that bored couples go to see a Ts or another man, however I can tell that “almost” all of the couples who came to see me they were happy ones and just in need to experience something different to better share their love. A man who enters a 3sum with his wife is one who is not afraid to lose her, making the woman not feeling possessed or owned by her partner and therefore having a much more stable relationship.

Whatever happens during a session it is different all the time,, and I find that the excitement of the man is to watch her partner being penetrated and touched, often asking to his wife by whispering into her ears if she is liking it. The pre-massage also increases the excitement of the couple.
The stimulation for most women instead is to see her husband being touched by the Ts, or being watched by her husband while joining bodies with a Ts, or also for a Trio-kissing… Other acts don’t do much for the majority of the women, as they are more down to earth than man and find their pleasure more in the sensual part and in a relaxed environment, slowly getting to know the just-met Ts, whose skills and personality are friendly and open-minded.
Men and women are obviously different, and each couple needs a different understanding before getting into any prearranged action.

[b]Couples choose their Tv/Ts according to what they are looking for[/b]

… The guy wants obviously a very feminine figure, and most of the ladies too, however they don’t mind a bit of masculinity in the Tv/Tv as long as she is a nice and very clean person.

[b]Due to my friendly personality, I normally get on well with everyone,[/b]

and managed to have good acquaintances.. women can be also funny, but they are gorgeous when they want to know many things about their men or about Transexual reality… and some of those who have been to me before with their partner, call to ask me why her partner is having a certain behavior or this and that  and all I can do is reminding them to talk to their partner when things get a bit weird… With some couples we have become so friendly that I don’t mind, time permitting, being invited for a cup of Tea in their place, which often becomes like a looonngg tea time___

[b]I am delighted to keep on seeing curious couples[/b]

and every time is so different, and pleasure becomes a joy when there is understanding_
Pleasure is nice, and as my favourite man said: “The noblest pleasure is the Joy of Understanding” L.d.
Have a lovely day
Jia xix