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Massage it is “part of the service” and does not run for the whole hour, it is for the first 15/20 mins only, Thank you 


I start from some really easy massage movements to start the blood circulation in the body …working with my fingertips and using the both the palms of my hands by linking my thumbs to control my movement and help to warm up the area and prepare the body … coming over the shoulders and around them till the side of the body so to start the whole relaxation process..


We can get started by pouring some oil on the back or some light baby cream

It is important not to put all the pressure on the fingertips but dividing the weight with the palms of the hands…. The massage can be quite useful to those people who work in an office where the tension and the tiredness often accumulate on the neck, shoulders and lower back.
Picking up the muscles and squeezing them in a sort of semi circular way will dissolve the lactic acid and giving a lot of relief to the area being touched, doing some rotation and friction movements to massage and break down all those knots and to increase the blood flow by massaging it in circles in that region.

Another type of technique is to alternate the hands and start from the top of the neck-shoulders and all the way down with one hand and then while the hand goes back up the other will massage the other side of the back following all the line of the muscles …
Deep tissue massage might not be for everyone, and it is important to know how prepared is the person to receive it,,,

I use my whole body (Forearms, fingertips, palm of the hands, legs and my breasts) to touch every part …

Gliding / Kneading / Friction / Holding / Percussion / Pumping / Vibration / Compression / Direct pressure / Rocking / Skin rolling / Stretching and Traction are all movements that will guarantee you a good time.


My hands running over your body touching and stroking all those tense points that need to be regenerated.
Let me take the lead, you just lie back and relax, until you will feel a sudden upsurge of energy … Mhmhm…


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