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I have a few Videos available for you to watch _ The vids where taken here and there during my trips all over Uk_ They use to be on Twitter, but i have transferred them here and left the “link only” on Twitter, in respect of Twitter’s Rules on pornography_

Twitter is nice, but i don’t have the time for the usual tasks of following/retwetting/and answering messages, as i need to spend time for my good clients and their needs_ I like to satisfy my admirers and clients who like to spend time with me ūüėȬ†

I will update my “Location” and post some “Latest Photos” here and there when i can, if you like to see updates on Twitter, but all videos will be here_ Many Thanks¬†

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–[ Below are the Free Videos ]-


Naked Midnight erotic fantasies

It’s your chance to Win The “Golden J”

It’s a new day full video 1/Nov/2019

MIdnite Kitchen Masturb Cum


//Strp Outfit wank Sofa


Unusual movements in the bath tub


Cum on Table


H0t in Cardiff the 7am First Spunk


In the Remote Woods 

Catch my Apple

Look out Window n’ Boots

Printed Kiss in the Bath

Tear_off_Lingerie_Codini n’ Tartan skt

With Mistress Elektra Humiliating my cock [Newcastle]

The Pleasure of Tearing off Lingerie

On the way to get Hard

Feeling like touching meself, Pvc on Sofa

A Drink in the Kitchen

Intro Video Sample cock show

Get my Panties

Sample Prostate Massage


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