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I have over 25 Videos available for you to watch, and it is a new Series Called: “Shemale Private Life” where i show myself from Morning to nite until i go to sleep_ You can watch me displaying what i eat, how i spend my day, and of course when i get horny and touch myself in various places, depending where I am_
Click on this Twitter link, which is for display videos only, no need to follow or anything like that_ Works also if you do not have a twitter account_

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Cumming on table, what a waste ;-)_ (Sep/2019)

On the way to get hard / 1st Part

Getting hard on sofa / 2nd Part

Playing with myself on bed

Playing with myself Pvc on sofa

Blue Rhapsody

Masturbating and Mistress Elektra Newcastle Humiliating my cock

Masturbating and Mistress Elektra Newcastle Humiliating my cock 2

Midnite Self Gratification / part 1

Midnite Self Gratification / part 2

Hot in Cardiff and the 7am first Spunk

The 10pm Playtime

What is like to have a massage… Intro

Fking a t-girl against the pillar

3 Sum with Client and a T-girl

Being Fkd by the Fking Machine

Jia Intro talk cock show

Non Sexual / Light Videos

Drink in the Kitchen Pvc

In Room, undress after shopping

Quick Video after a Client

Series: Shemale Private Life, back from shopping

Deciding what to eat later

Get changed the magic way (just a funny one)

Get my panties

Outfit Magic Erotic Show / Portion 1

Outfit Magic Show / Portion 2

Outfit Magic Show / Portion 3

Video Intro on AW

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