How the Timing, and Booking a time works

I can take an appointment on the same day and generally 30mins to 1 hour, before coming_

Pls note it is not possible to call and take an appointment the day before or even hours before, due to the unpredictability of the day and also due to frequent cancellations when someone is booking few hours before or days before_

Whilst i appreciate the good intention of the person wanting to book an appointment for the night (ex: @ 9pm) by calling in the morning, (ex: @ 10am) many things can happen to my time and to the person’s time that could be in result of being messed up for the day_

Also giving the post code of the location to the person, should be also confirmed by his text message, otherwise I do not know that if the person is coming or not, or the message has even being received, and if I get no answer I will keep on taking calls, and obviously I will take the person who seem to be more reliable and has confirmed the appointment_ Obviously GIVING THE POST CODE MEANS NOTHING UNLESS THE PERSON HAS GIVEN ME A DIRECT CALL, [NO CALL NO MEETING IS CONFIRMED] Thanks

This clarification it is due because calling and asking to come within the hour it is perfectly fine, however some individuals do not confirm and do not update themselves to let me know, and therefore it might happen that the person turns up at the appointment and will find me busy with another appointment, (which I had to take due to the fact that he did not confirm) and therefore there will be disappointment about this, for not having followed simple rules of communications and agreements between normal human beings_

Pls note communications is important and updating whether someone has the intention to come or not it is also crucial to avoid being disappointed_

-Other reasons for not taking long term appointments are :

If for ex: someone calls at 10am or 11am … and asks for an appointment at 5pm, I will not take any other appointment from 4pm or from 4.30pm …. Also knowing that the person is coming by 5pm it will not possible for me to take anyone asking for the same time at 5pm and even not possible to take anyone else for 5.30pm,,,

As you can see by wanting to book for a certain time of the day quite a few hours before, it could Lock more than 2 hours of my time, and if the person does not turn up at the appointment I will have lost potential serious clients who wanted to come at the hours before/at/and after the 5pm appointment_

I hope I have clarified how timing works and why it is necessary and more reliable to book one hour or 45/30min before only_/ Many Thanx

Thank you for your attention xix