How my Touring Locations in Uk are determined Detailed Description

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How my Touring Locations in Uk are determined then, and why I decided to Travel?        

Small intro

What Caused the beginning of the Jia’s British Journey  ?

Sample of Real Visited Places and Explanation of “Assigned” /“Requests-Assigned” / (Chosen)  

A few comments on Locations_

Disappointed Callers

Sample Notes I write on my Tel to know which people I can Text

Locations which went wrong

Locations that are nicely distractive

Written Notes/Feeling for each Location

Some Stats:

I have quite a few clients or not clients yet, that like to read many things about Escort’s life and what happens behind the scene of a Ts, which decisions are taken and so on … and to Those I take the time to deliver more details …

How my Touring Locations in Uk are determined then, and why I decided to Travel?         

I decided to write these annotations to clarify for those guys asking why I am travelling to a certain Location and why I never seem to visit their city, or when I will be returning to their city etc …

It is perfectly understandable and I’m so happy knowing that there are people waiting to experience with me_

Small intro

Why dee hell did I start travelling in the first place ?

Have you ever watched that movie of Forrest Gump..?? where after he lost his wife Jenny and lots of things happened to his life.. one day he sat on a chair and began to see all his life … then suddenly he stood up and started to run all over Usa ?__ That is almost what happened to me on a Sunday of the 3rd of March 2019_

What Caused the beginning of the Jia’s British Journey  ?

  • As most of my good regulars are aware of, Aside from being an Escort I run a small online Business with a partner based in Tower Hill (I will not be an escort forever so it is a way of thinking about my future) and at the end of 2015 I had realized that I was wasting my time with shemales parties, meetings where lots of bitchiness is going on etc ,, (normal stuff in this environment), so after 3 months in isolation and Travelling to my favo Ashram in Pune India, I had finally understood what to do_

____From Feb 2016 until Jan 2019 I studied hard to fully understand and become successful in the art of Trading, after many trials and errors and psychological pains and failures,, burning 4 account and losing several thousand pounds I realized that after 3 years of sitting and Trading (whilst seeing a limited amount of clients max 4/5 per week) in a small room of leyton, I had finally succeded and instead of spending 12 hours a day placing trades and chasing Charts … I had found a method where I place only trades in the morning at 6/7am and takes me literally 2 hours per day to do so, and then checking the order every 5/6 hrs, thus allowing me to service clients and having more time_ Here it is___/

So just like Forrest G, I had a great desire to go and see the whole of Uk, but I didn’t know where to start, and other well trusted known Escorts would always propose me the usual Britannia and Ibis Hotels….and I don’t fancy Hotels___

____So I waited and trusted that famous saying: “When someone is ready for a thing Existence will pour Its gifts on him/her and the way will be shown”

After 2 weeks I was surprised to receive a proposal from a mature client of 3 years ago, advising me that he could have helped, due to his experience in working over 20 years as a Letting agent and Hotel manager therefore having so many hot deals in terms of properties and houses I could use to see clients all over Uk ___ Best way in this cases is to ___ Cryyyyyyyy !! 😉

Okay end of the Intro,,,, now let’s get to how all this relates to the Visited Locations_

Here is for ex: a sample of some locations that I will go next_ or perhaps by the time you read this article they will be already travelled places_

The above mentioned AngelLet Mr S_ who proposed me to work with him because he saw I was serious about travelling, he is a bit of a harsh guy, but I accepted to begin to go to Locations I had never thought of_ After all, the best way to learn is to be humble or at least trying to be_

• The first thing I asked him was to Travel to Scotland cos I luv it, and he replied with a Big No_!  “Jia you will go to Hounslow, then Coventry to start with”_ So after 3 days I packed my stuff and went to a flat in Hounslow, stayed 4 days, met clients then back in Leyton, then after 3 days I was off to Coventry_ 

(Assigned) This is when I call a Location Assigned, which only means it was not chosen by me, but it was given by my AngelLet simply because he had some arrangement or deals with those places and moreover they were suitable places to meet clients_

(Location marked as R.A. “Requests/Assigned”) After few trips here and there, and some time going to the same Location I was asking S_ to go and Re-visit a City where I had previously been, because some of the clients I met where asking when I was going back_ So Mr Steve who always wants to make me wait, would say… now you go to Newcastle and after I’ll give you the dates for that city_ In this case when I return to a Location where I had been before, I say (Requests/Assigned) which means a place where I was before, having clients who wanted to see me again and I had the chance to be given a place there again_

(Chosen) A location definitely becomes chosen, simply because with time and travelling I began to gather a few contacts, so I could be a bit more independent and return to a city on my own because I had requests and so I marked it as “Chosen”

So now I hope I have explained to the Lovely chaps all over Uk, why it is not possible for me to go and visit a place without these Major Elements_

A few comments on Locations_

****_We all know that whatsoever business is about marketing and making contacts and spending the time to chat to people … and I always prefer to go to places where normally I have requests, which normally you can perceive from emails and messages from the major websites I use, and so I get an idea where I should go_

I would have never thought of Bristol or Southampton for example.. but the amount of guys Requesting me there, made me ask my admin to pls find a place there, and I have been in Bristol twice to see that out of 20/25 Requests at least a few people came to visit me_ So my method worked well_ 

In cities like Birmingham or Coventry or Chelmsford or Basildon mention a few ..i can go anytime I like, because I have the Contacts who can arrange a place for me for certain dates_ These contacts could be from guys from dating websites, or from other British Tv I have met in the past who own flats and rented houses, who simply have room for rent and decide to rent it to me_ Easy !

I will travel to Bournemouth the 22nd Nov Fri, and it will be my first time there…. I could have never thought of Bournemouth, and I would rather think of Brighton, because that is the city mentioned many times because of the gay Pride, but hey.. that is the way it is,, A very popular Escort was there few times in Bnmth and she told me it could be a busy Place for girls_

Bnmth it is an Assigned Location where I was told to go there, and I will go because I trust my AngelLet_ In this case the “Jia, do as you’re told” must be executed

While writing this article I checked the messages and someone told me to go to Norwich, and I have never been there, I have only one request for this place, so for now I will put it on the list of possible places for the future_

For ex: When I was in Colchester had a few guys asking me to visit Ipswich, and again I put that Location on List and have forward it to my AngelLet, I am quite skilled in art of waiting without waiting, so when the times comes I pack up lingerie/boots/toiletries and green tea and go_

Disappointed Callers

Also I like to write a quick note on how some guys get a little upset for not being able to meet me for ex: “When just arrived at a Location”_ There are quite a few guys who wish to be the first to see “The New escort” when she happens to be in their area.. and this is understandable and appreciated, however after I place my advert there could be an incredible amount of calls and therefore I take the first Serious and Suitable people who want to visit me, and it is normal to have a few unanswered calls and miss all others_

____My Rule is always not to text or call back when a call is missed, but I will answer to a received text message asking to let him know when I am free again, even though a Call must follow later on before meeting for safety reasons_

____Some other times it happens “In Previous Visited Locations-(Regulars) that” I might arrive on Site at 1pm, and not being able to answer the telephone for the next 2/3 hours simply because my Regulars know that I will be there before anyone else….     

___Another note on this: If a guy saw me before, and he asks me to text him when I will be again in Ex: Bristol, I then write a note on my telephone_

These are little short words to remember the person and the “TXT” at the end it means I can Text him couple of days before I go to Bristol / Simple _

Sample Notes I write on my Tel to know which people I can Text Bstl NceBrt Brd txt / Means: Met in Bristol Nice British man / Can Text him…or Bstl Tky ManPlay txt / Means: Met in Bristol Turkish/British man was playful / Can Text him…or Bstl 30min Msge txt / Means: Likes 30 Mins Massage / Can Text him Bstl Cpls Asya txt  / Means: An asian Couple met / Can text them when in Bristol

And so on ,,, we all have ways to remember __

I always wanted to write these notes to clarify, but never had the time to do so__

I don’t fancy to see people being saddened and thinking I don’t answer their call, hence I like to shine some light on some obscure situations of the Escort’s world_

Locations which went wrong

There have been of course 3/4 Locations which have been not so good for me and on a couple of occasion I preferred to leave after only few hours being there_ I soon understand what is the situation by the first 10-15 calls or text messages … hence when I receive messages asking for a service at 30 or someone asking if I need a Bf, or asking for freebies, that is the time when I decide to leave and call my Emergency AngelLet to get me the next Location…

__Some other locations have a mixture of it between people asking Big discounts and genuine people, so I can stay till the end of my planned visit, but sadly will not come back _       

Locations that are nicely distractive

Historical places like Edinburgh, also Cardiff, are Places where most of the times I look forward to Service at least a couple of clients in morning times and hoping to have the free time to go around the city and look at castles or speak to the men playing bagpipes, (when they take a rest) meeting and greeting the Japanese yoga community of which I am a member, often gathering at Costa café etc ,,, It is amazing how every time I go there I almost never do well as I should in terms of clients, and even though I have the calls from some genuine people, I tend to postpone them because of my desire to see those ancient places .. but I accept it and I luv it so __ With time I will improve_

Written Notes/Feeling for each Location

In everything I do, in order to remember various stuff, I use the Location Feeling which acts like a check list, and flashcards to well remember… and decide if I will travel again to that place_ I am a fan of Stats, but I know how to bend the rules that can be bent, if the situation requires so_

Here is an example of the City I had been to /Calls I had received, what percentage of calls were serious about meeting/ longest time without a call /Best times to work/ which kind of people called me in that area and so so on …. Just to get a approximate Feelsss of it_

Obviously all could change depending on period of the year/month and typology of people who look at the advert, but generally a sense about the location is created_    

Some Stats: up to now 23_Nov_2019

-56 Trips in 10 months  

-8 by Car / 39 by Train / 5 by tube / 4 by Airplane

-26 Visited Locations (Some Cities have visited twice or multiple times)

-Targeted Uk Locations: 38

-New Cities yet to be visited 12 (Likely to visit 6 only)______

-Approx Total Miles: 10,340___(Roads/Railways/Air/Tube)

I have taken the time to describe how the Locations are Assigned/ Chosen / Requested 

Done ! I finished

Salut and Kissex to everyone