HIring a Ts


 Hiring a Ts

Reasons for meeting a TV or TS

Hiring a Ts Can be very convenient and keeps you away from strings and hassles.

A discrete companionship with a lady-man, will take you into a different dimension, where you are still able to experience deep excitement.

At first it might appear bizarre to you, however as soon as you start to experience deep pleasure and contentment it will all be normal and so “different”.

Reasons for meeting a TV or TS

Most married men come to a point when they are dissatisfied with their partner, and also bored to meeting other women, finding complicated to be in a relationship with a lady, or simply wanting to try something different.

There is an increased percentage of Singles-Straight, Inexperienced, Bi-curious, or Couples wanting to try body contact with lady-men. Whether is for few hugs, massage, or companion only, you are indeed welcome.

The need to try something different is normal for all of us, whatever the reason !

Straight men looking for a change. A low percentage of straights beginning to have fantasies about having body contact with other men, will meet gay men, or first- timers/bi-curious…. instead a high percentage of them prefer to meet a CD/TV/TS.

No matter what your reason is, unleash yourself and try what you have in mind from long time.

Femboya Jia is here to welcome your fantasies. 

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