HIring a Ts



 Hiring a Ts

Reasons for meeting a TV or TS

Who is the one who hires an Escort?

Who is the escort being Hired ?

Hiring a Ts Can be very convenient and keeps you away from strings and hassles.

A discrete companionship with a lady-man, will take you into a different dimension, where you are still able to experience deep excitement, and in some cases love.

At first it might appear bizarre to you, however as soon as you start to experience deep pleasure and contentment it will all be normal and so “different”.

Reasons for meeting a TV or TS

Most married men come to a point when they are dissatisfied with their partner, and also bored to meeting other women, finding complicated to be in a relationship with a lady, or simply wanting to try something different.

There is an increased percentage of Singles-Straight, Inexperienced, Bi-curious, or Couples wanting to try body contact with lady-men. Whether is for few hugs, massage, or companion only, you are indeed welcome.

The need to try something different is normal for all of us, whatever the reason !

Straight men looking for a change. A low percentage of straights beginning to have fantasies about having body contact with other men, will meet gay men, or first- timers/bi-curious…. instead a high percentage of them prefer to meet a CD/TV/TS.

No matter what your reason is, unleash yourself and try what you have in mind from long time.

Jia is here to welcome your fantasies. x2_X

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Who is the one who hires an Escort?

Ja ! First come first !

Someone who can afford it and does not mind, sparing some cash for Time and Company entertainment.

Is a person who tend to avoid a personal relationship and prefer an Nsa one.

He/she is someone who knows how to possibly living alone and being happy to maintain the status which makes him more comfortable.

Someone divorced or someone who just came out from a terrible unfortunate relationship.

He/she is also someone who is in a stereotyped relationship and looking for some fun to spice up his life, while still caring for the beloved partner.

Someone skilled or not in the arts of seduction and does not have any issues in meeting or talking to women, however does not find the time for a relationship.

Someone Cash rich and time poor.

One attached to his business, and once in a while feeling the need to meet different people for an hour or two.

Someone who love to socialise, meeting people, however does not want to be called back, he knows how to manage his time, and prefer meeting people when he feels like.

Young people 18+/22ish yo, feeling the need to try something different. ( Unable to service) over 25yo preferred.

If I may express my opinion on this. Young boys over 18+ should be slowly starting to try their first intimate love experience within their group or their community, Please avoid hiring an escort for now, life is yours keep it up buddy you can do it right !

Who is the escort being Hired ?

• Someone who likes to be independent

• Someone who likes what she/he is doing

• Someone who love risks

• One that avoids to be involved in a relationship, probably due to past experience or simply general free choice to

be the way he/she is.

• One with a high sex drive.

• Somebody that prefer to share his passionate love with strangers

• One that does not want to be stuck in standard positions.

• One who has heart? Yes I guess so.

• Just someone like you

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