What others say about me

In the past I always thought that Reviews were normally written on Hotels buildings, cars, places …or any other objects, and i did not bother for years listening to clients wanting to put a Review on me.

I respect my regulars and all those that do feel proud when visiting a Shemale Escort and feel the need to express themselves by leaving a written comment, and so from July 2019 I began to put aside my thoughts and make some guys happy_ Must be the summer effect 😉

A Review tho can be a double edge sword, especially for readers who are reading positive comments and expect the same service, however a few might not be yet aware that in order to get a good passionate service, a Call is very important to create the right chemistry trough voice vibrations which will lead to positive attitude and a perfect meeting_ I am certainly friendly and like people and love to meet Gentlemen who like me, fancy a brief chat to get inspired before the meeting_ Kissex J_V xix