Escorts do they mind what their clients look like ?

By “Jia Vessi” (West-Ladyboy- Ts Entertranser)

• Loving without seeing, an art that belong to few

• Main traits of who is the Escort being Hired

• Genuinity makes one already charming

• Escorts do they really care what their clients look like?

• Some care and some don’t and it mostly depends on how clean and tidy someone is.

•This post was stimulated by one client yesterday who appeared to be a difficult one at first and then the funniest one in the end.

He emailed me 3 days before asking for an appointment, but I promptly reminded him that I am unable to take any long-term appointments; and that my phone is displayed there on the web so that people can call me when they are ready to meet.

•Then he called and asked me if escorts worry about the way their client looks like, as they cannot look at him over the phone and maybe they hope he is a nice young gorgeous man, gorgeous with blue eyes?

•At first I thought he was a timewaster, like those who ask if I need a Bf or if there any chance I can go out for dinner, and I was ready to tell him that I could not continue that conversation anymore, but in his voice there was something genuine, and more over he had a positive attitude which made me continue the conversation.

•The funniest part was that after his question he said: I know Jia you are probably gonna hang up on me, but I need to know it thanks.

Wow to behave in this situation ? Did he have something to hide?

I just told him that the way one behaves on the phone can already create a passionate process in the Escort’s brain even she has not seen the person yet.

•Eventually he told me that he was divorced and since then, he struggled in his attempt to make a full recovery in his life, he had lost most of his hair and took him a long time before dating anyone and he thought to start from hiring an Escort to re-gain some of the lost confidence.

He came to see me with a present, we had a good time, chatted a bit and then I asked him if could post something about this.

•I remember that in our Escorts meeting we also commented on this topic, and none of the experienced Escorts thought that the look of his client was important to have a good time together but that rather his approach was vital for it.

Some other Escorts or non Escorts admitted that they preferred to meet gorgeous and elegant men, and of course when we asked how long they had been in business they replied 1 or 2 months.

•This is very normal and probably Escort services it is not for them as it looks like they are looking for their perfect Bf and nice people to have a cool time with, rather than for clients

•As far as I am concerned to be an Escort one has to possess certain skills that make her feel comfortable with any kind of people. Obviously the “any kind of people” highlighted here is the “Any kind of people” between those who have the right positive attitude.

I would like to highlight few aspects about who is the Escort being Hired and Who is the one who hires an Escort?

Here are a few main characteristic that can give a basic understanding of what an Escort’s attitude is like.

[b]Who is the escort being Hired ?[/b]

•          -Someone who likes to be independent

-Someone who likes what she/he is doing, although she might have her bad days too.

-Someone who does not mind a bit of risk in her life.

-One that avoids being involved in a relationship, probably due to past experience or simply general free choice to be the way she wants to be.

-One who does not need a boyfriend or partner, but will welcome a sugar-angel ready to lend a hand occasionally.

-One with a high sex drive.

-Somebody that prefer to share his passionate love with strangers

-One that does not want to be stuck in standard positions.

-One who has heart? Yes I guess so

-Also someone who is able to love in the moment, a person who has never met before

-Someone who is open-minded and feels like mixing with various people whilst keeping her preferences.

-One who has an optimistic mood and possibly good telephone manners.

-A Trans Escort is someone who has worked on herself hard, following her inner inclination to become as feminine as possible in the body and in the mind.

•          [b]Who is the one who hires an escort ?[/b]

Someone who can afford it, and does not mind sparing some cash for Time and Company entertainment.

-He is a person who tends to avoid a personal relationship and prefer an Nsa one.

-He is also a married guy with a happy relationship, but feels like trying something different once in a while.

–He is someone who knows how to possibly living alone and being happy to maintain the status which makes him more comfortable.

-Someone divorced or someone who just came out from a terrible unfortunate relationship.

-Someone who is in a stereotyped relationship and looking for some fun to spice up his life, while still caring for the beloved partner.

-Someone skilled or not in the arts of seduction and does not have any issues in meeting or talking to women, however does not find the time for a relationship.

-Someone Cash rich and time poor.

-One attached to his business, and once in a while feeling the need to meet a different person for an hour or two.

-Someone who loves to socialise, meeting people, however does not want to be phoned back, he knows how to manage his time, and prefer meeting people when he feels like.

-Young people starting from 20ish yo, feeling the need to have their first experience.

-…. Some other times, even if not often, someone with a calculative mind, thinking to hire an escort few times and then get it all free afterwards.


To be able to talk to well spoken people, meeting them and welcoming them no matter what they look like, it is an art that belong to few.

What really matters is the way potential clients talks over the phone, and most Escorts can tell from the first few secs of a tel conversation if the caller is genuine enough or if he is after freebies.

• Calls from the young self-believed Valentino’s are also common in this business trying to get Escorts out for a date or clubbing, with an happy ending, but reminding them that the Myth of the free fun is something that belongs to the past, it’s enough to make them understand that a nite out will certainly be more expensive than a passionate hour in the Escort company.

How sexy and good looking a man is, does not matter to the experienced Escorts as the vibes normally cause the interest for the meeting.

My slogan is always the same, and that is “The Cool Man, gets it all”.

If you are a cool mature guy, then no matter what you look like as long as you can make a direct call to me, and have a brief chat to get in tune with each other’s vibes, half of the job is done.

Once we meet and the ice Is broken it will be as we have known each others from a long time.

I know what you want and you know what I want. Fair enough I guess?

• I have no limits in what I can do with a lovely man who called me and talked to me without being difficult or deceitful, and showed himself as a down to earth person.

There is no need to have a sex-chat, as talking about it, it is a skill that I do not hold and neither I will be able to acquire it in the future, as it is not part of my inner inclinations. Wish I was good at it.

• The best comments I have had, were from guys who told me: “Wow I could not think you’d get so dirty with me” and so on….

• Having already spoken to you on the tel, when the time of the meeting comes, it will be as if I have known you from a long time.

• Your Tel manners and your bona-fide, makes you already attractive to me.

Kiss, Kiss

Jia xix