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Apology for not having written any Blogs for the past 3 years, just some editing here and there… as i was busy studying my other Technical Trading Business, which will assure me a future when one day i will not be an escort anymore_ I really thank you for the compliments and the kind words of so many people who encouraged me to write more blogs, and I will do it with much pleasure, as now i seem to have more time on my hands_

  • To be an Escort it is an ability that a few possess, just as it is ability for an IT guy or a plumber to handle well and with easiness his instruments and make new projects. We all have different skills and I cannot comment on others, however the day an escort decides to place an advert and privately see people, she/he should already have a certain knowledge about her capabilities and her limits to deal with different types of personalities.
  • Likewise whenever someone decides to open a shop and operate with the public, he should possess already certain socialising skills which are already part of his life and personality. In other words, empathy for people and some basic understanding of various individualities and a positive attitude should be already established in his/her being. It can be perfected during the years with the daily experience, but if you force and push yourself to acquire skills that are not yours, anyone is bound to fail.
  • As I wrote in another post, I do agree that chemistry and sex appeal play their part in the meeting escort/client, on the other hand the meeting is something that goes well beyond those boundaries. The word chemistry has been so much stereotyped and misunderstood that sometimes the use of new words which are more meaningful to us will help to stimulate better feelings; I call it Wave-streamex, or Vibe-streamex , anything that makes me value and understand the connection with the other person.
  • All we escorts can see over the phone is ourselves and how we relate with the person on the other side of the phone; Listening to voices might be my fetish and it does turn me on, partly because of what it is said, and mostly because of the person uttering those words, thus making the conversation more colorful…
  • Not seeing the person it is not a big issue, because the sound of his voice and the interest he has in meeting, makes already start the process of attraction, the mind goes blank and I just keep the vibes that he created by talking to me.
    Saying to a guy that calls me: “hi Hun yes please go on meet me, then we see how it goes, if our chemistry is okay we gonna have a good time”…. will not be of any help for the already nervous guy who will now have to deal with one more tension called uncertainty. A direct call, an email often followed by a call, will already determine if there can be any attraction between the caller and the called.
  • At the time of meeting when looking at him, it is like as if I have known him from a long time. A similar case is when I receive emails or private messages.
    In my spare time I like to exchange a few private messages with some guys whom I can feel are genuine and serious about meeting. Their love for tgirls is nice and they are just looking for a good time together. That is chemistry enough for me; when the next step will come and they decide to give me a call no matter what their voice sounds like they are already welcome
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  • My Limits: Ah well yes, I got limitations too; mostly dictated by the inclinations I follow, however I try not to make a big fuss about it. I guess this makes me more like a human being. The complicated bit to be aware of when calling escorts, is primarily to recognize over the phone if there can be any connection between the caller and the escort, the ability to quickly recognize if there is any chance for a meeting from the telephone. To be on the same wavelength is very important.
  • It is easy for anyone and for me too, to look at someone’s sexy photo and beginning to imagine things that are not there… Creating for example an image of possession and thinking to talk to someone believing that you already own the person’s mind, and assuming that she is gonna put up with your moods… it is something so uncomfortable that even the most handsome man becomes the last of the attractive ones.
  • As the world and minds evolved throughout the centuries, also Sex workers do their homework and often tend to have their preferences about the type of clients they like to meet. Someone said: call it the “Modern Sluts” .. Up to him.
    My meaning of being an escort Is not at all being with just anyone who calls me, firstly because it will be a madness and second because I recognise my limits, and the disorder created in my mind if I meet a person who is not down to earth. I guess this personal attitude comes from my background and zeal for the S.M. …you know, like those candles that go up and down all the times, where buyers and sellers meet to decide on a price of commodities.
  • The Escorting and punters interchange is nothing but the trading floor of the emotions, pleasure and feelings…. where we both physically and emotionally meet, provided we found ourselves to be on the same wavelength, and for most of us such a process begins by telephone.

  • Welcome to “The trading floor of You and Me”, no worries my dear, you don’t need to be a super star man, or a broker, and as I write on most of my profiles, your beer or food belly is welcome; just come to me with your genuine interest and your enthusiasm .
  • Hey it’s Jia, don’t you remember me? I was your Gf in your previous life, and now we are about to meet again. Thais are amazing when they call their baby… (Mani’, Mani’, luk mah !) Come, baby come !
    Kissex Jia