Do Transx feel gay and what about straight men ?


Do Trans feel gay and what about straight men

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  • By “Jia Vessi” (West-Ladyboy- Ts Entertranser)
  • -Words are only words?
    -How much do you believe in words?
    -Transexuals how do they feel about their status?
    -Straight men, what do they think about themselves when meeting a trans?
    -Super-straight men. No Comments
    -Escort’s Teasers
    -Straight men fancying Trans are charming because they are unusual.
    -EnterTranser jenny_ja
    Having written before on the subject of “hiring escorts makes you feel like a loser?”, “straight men interests for trans world”…
    I thought I would further expand my comments on Transcort describing the main characteristics that make straight men attracted to Transexuals. Firstly it would be nice to understand how does a Trans see herself and how a straight man, whether married or not, feels about himself when fantasizing about shemales and meeting them ….
  • Another thing I have learned it is about the lovely men I have met when I was not a Transcort and now that I offer Entertranser services. Ja ! here we go; Are Transexual, Transvestites gay? Do they feel like gays? Straight men meeting Trans escorts are they really straight or kinda bisexual?
  • Words are words and obviously made to describe realities inside and around us, but being confined into words we miss the meaning of what we really are.
  • What do Trans think about the word gay or about feeling gay ?
  • Well first of all Gay is a word introduced by the LGBT groups to describe people attracted to the same sex, therefore lesbians are also gays.
    It is not an acronym for other words, and it could have been any other word like Juju, Scooby-doo or anything like that.
    So please when you hear about these word (gay) do not feel like a weirdo as due to genetic constitution and personal inclinations people choose to love and feel comfortable with what and with whom they like. If you are attracted to people of your same sex and you feel that your life is being spiced up by it, then you are just fine; Avoiding being restricted in words often condemned by those who are not into the same vibrations, would be of great help towards your own happiness.
  • Back to Trans and to what group they might belong to It can be put it in this way> Most Transexuals feel like they are in the wrong body and therefore any effort is made to become like one wanted to always be, since he/she found the courage to acknowledge it to herself.
    If you think about it, you might say, that ultimately a Trans is a man even if she is wearing some women’s clothes, makeup, and has a nice pair or boobs.. Therefore being primarily born as a man she must be categorized as a gay, because attracted to people of the same sex, other men.
  • Okay darling, hang on a sec… come closer to me, and I will try to explain why we cannot be classified as gays.
    The reason Trans are not gays, is simply because they don’t think being that way.
    As far as I am concerned I could never properly meet any man unless I am all dressed up and have with me my Jenny_ja feminine feelings, funny is it?
  • In Malta we have a saying that the “Clothes don’t make the monk”, and this is perfectly true however proverbs though might help to show one dimension about truth, they could be rephrased in other motivating ways, and my saying would rather be that “One makes his or her own clothes according to what she/he feels like inside”.
    Never heard about psychosomatic illness where the continuous worries and anxiety about something that might never happens in the future is felt as a happening at anytime? Unfortunately some diseases in the body are the result of what we have thought, and believed to be true for us.
    Now, forget about disease as that was just a way to describe extreme situations where the inner is manifested outside.
  • Just like that is a Tran’s mind.
    What happens inside the brain of a Trans, will determine the clothes she is going to wear, the makeup she is going to choose, and the body transformation she is going to undertake.
    It’s all about feeling feminine and behaving according to our lifestyle while we are living in a man’s body. The man’s body we are into does not decide what we are like, but our feelings do.
    Ja ! How is it now ? would you call Transexuals gay people ?
  • A man is a man, a woman is a woman and a Trans is a Trans. Can it be that simple ?
  • Last time I explained the difference between the super-straight man, the straight, and the bisexual… where straight men and bisexual, are the ones likely to meet a Trans, whether the super-straight man will never conceive such an experience to happen to him, because he simply loves women.
    I will not add any comment about the super-straight, as I only like to write about not-ordinary people which stimulate my interest for them.
  • A straight man who meets Trans is an out of the ordinary person which gets all my attention. The uncommon, the unusual and the unique just turn me on.
    About straight men and what are their thoughtz about viewing Transexuals on the net, and then gathering the courage to meet them, it is something worthy commenting upon.
    In my phone calls I often hear these sentence .. “Hello, I am straight man, (married or not) I have never done something like this before and I am not gay, but would like to see you.
    Uhhmh …. Have to say …How much I love these type of men… .
    I just love them, because jenny_ja the T-girl loves them …
  • These type of people can be distinguished in three categories:
    -Men who would like to see a perfect ladies figure called Transexual, and normally they are very fussy about choosing the Trans that has a personality and a totally feminized body. Most of the people hired women escorts before and wish to switch to a new experience. They are active and some passive too.
    -Men who are aware that they are about to meet a Trans because of her feminine body and feelings and mostly excited that under that skirt they will find the +1 attribute which makes the difference between a man and a woman. These Trans lovers might be mostly passive and active too.
    -The third category is men who like to meet a Trans perfectly aware that she is not totally a lady but happy to be in such a captivating company. These types of men are mostly active, though they enjoy playing here and there.
  • I don’t fancy much to categorize people and things, but that was just to give an idea about the main wishes of straight men when meeting a Trans.
    Categorizing as a general reference and forgetting about it !
    The reason why my deep respect goes to these straight men for meeting a Trans it is because of their genuinity and their courage to think out of the box and try what they had in mind from long time.
  • Some other men though they love Trans are not willing to spent good time if a donations and gifts are involved. So why they keep on contacting escorts ?
    Transcort are seen as more appealing opposed to transsexuals that are not Escorts… generally speaking …
    The reason why some guys who don’t want to pay for an escort cannot stop contacting escorts who offer paid services only, is simply because Escorts are far more alluring than any other out there.
  • Escort teasers are T-girls lovers, and would like to spend a good time with an escort unfortunately without offering anything in exchange. Sadly most of them consider Transcort being greedy blood suckers and not realizing that the fun happens in two, as for anything in life there must be a win win situation for emotions to move people to display their best part.
    The funniest messages are from those who say:> “Come on please I need company tonite and ain’t got no money” Pls pls, do it for me….
    Many out there need to understand the difference between the “known me”, and the “Impersonal me”.
    When someone never met before, asks these kind of questions he sounds like a person who has little or no respect for the time and the life of other people, therefore he might be someone at risk and it is better to avoid.
  • On some other occasion I offered a complimentary loving time in my company to some men who were just my cup of tea and confessed me to feel bad if they had to pay for role playing and companionship, and they would rather offer me a gift.
  • Wow that sounded a little out of the ordinary, but I accepted their gift which matched with what I wanted because of an advert I had online some time ago.
    Well, receiving a nice and not a cheap basque does not happen every day, especially if the guy who buys it showed himself as a charming man with good manners.
  • To summarize what I just wrote I would like to add that straight men whether they are single or married are generally people who have had a normal gf experience and had a normal marriage life, they still love women and simply feel excited and animated by the fact of meeting a Transexual. If that is what spices up your life, and what makes you feel alive, then forget about all the gya-gay-yag and all Scooby-doo categories, as you are not attracted by someone who is of your same sex… A Trans is a Trans.
  • Though the body is the first layer that anyone sees, the gender is in the mind, but the mind is not in the gender, and therefore a Trans is a T-girl with a plus +1 attribute under her skirt, that might blow your mind when you meet her.
    Being an Entertranser (Entertainer-Trans) is such a nice experience that one sees the world naked, just the way it is, and it is not about geography, it is about getting in touch will all kind of people and welcoming their fantasies where possible, and having a good time.
    Having a good time is about forgetting the things that made you think a lot, and thats is the reason why my favourite slogan is: “Forget the world for one hour with me”
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