How my Touring Locations in Uk are determined Detailed Description

__________Table of Contents: How my Touring Locations in Uk are determined then, and why I decided to Travel?         • Small intro … • What Caused the beginning of the Jia’s British Journey  ? • Sample of Real Visited Places and Explanation of “Assigned” /“Requests-Assigned” / (Chosen)   • A few comments on Locations_ • Disappointed...
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Uk Trips

UP to now i have visited quite a few locations and have re-visited those cities where the client’s request was High_ Visited Places: Hounslow / Slough / Cardiff / Brighton / Coventry / Birmingham Canterbury / Basildon / Chelmsford / Southend/ Manchester / NewCastle / Edinburgh_ How did it all started ? For regulars that...
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Edinburgh arrived 20th May
Visiting Bagpipes shop and the Castle
The missed calls
The after Castle Client, the beauty of Scots Language
Reasons why I am only Travelling Uk now
Couples M_F_Ts/ The Math that works

May 21 2019 Left Newcastle on the May 20th and headed to Edinburgh kindly invited into a residence of one of my contacts which are part of Classified Tsx Lovers.. and if you are reading this blog and willing to offer me a property where to be for a few days, you are welcome to do so and we can discuss details whenever we can

I do not fancy hotels when Touring because I like to cook and also I care a lot for client’s privacy so private flat/houses are welcome_ many thanx

[b]Edinburgh, Edinburgh!! Unbelievable part of the world[/b]

, and a Land that I have always admired but never had the chance to get here….

The first day I arrived at 10am and the first thing I wanted to do was to [b]visit the castle[/b] and all the most relevant places of the city, however I had to postpone my little wish list to later on, as when I updated my Aw location I was literally flooded by calls and didn’t go there anymore, and was knackered by 10pm ;-)_

Today Tue_21st [b]I woke up at 6am[/b] determined to visit the Castle but was ready to welcome clients first, and so I had a couple of people before 1pm and only afterwards I could go there_ One guy was very nice to be my guide for a couple of hours, but he was a type of man who likes to drive in the car and I am more like a walker_Girl… so after a coffe and a ride on the outskirts of Edinburgh, we decided that I would proceed alone and he dropped me in Princess Street and I headed to the Castle from there_

I grabbed a green tea in a nearby shop and walked to the top to admire this beauty and was right on time and lucky to see the change of guards, and it was a beautiful moment to watch those guys in Kilt Hat and Socks … I still was not satisfied as I wanted to see more about Scottish tradition and so I was looking for one of the shops that makes bagpipes which is one of my favo instruments, and I was told that the closest place would be in St Mary’s street so I went there too and I enjoyed the little chat with the young man about how they operate how they make them, and infirmed about the costs etc …
Suddenly when I checked my Tel it was already 4pm and 3 hours had passed and found missed calls.. messages Wzp and all that … so apology if any calls was unanswered, but I am now back and will be working until 11pm tonight_
It is a magical city and I couldn’t help visiting it_

I was fortunate enough that the chap who called this morning for 3 pm, he still wanted to come despite me being late and being able to see him only after 4pm .. so here we are in Malta we say: Even Bi***hes need to have a certain luck—But it is not always so and some days because of my full schedule of things to do I end up actually having no clients at all_ The man was so nice and cool guy and he even taught me a few scot’s sentences commonly used by Scottish people, and my favo one is “Keep the Heid an’ cary ‘oan” _
Update on my Trips

I am travelling all over Uk and have done 14 Locations up to now and 3 months ago [b]I decided that not one major city will be left unvisited[/b]… So I have about 16/18 more location to go and sky-willing I am going to make it , and eventually I will pass by a second time_ I have been living in Uk for about 20 years, and I had never been out of London; I always wanted to, but I just didnt_ In 2016 I started seriously studying in depth my favo technical business which deals with currencies, algorithms, platforms and generally all that is related to the stock market, and was only after January 2019 that I was able to travel considering that now it is enough for me 2 hours in the early morning between 6-8am to organize my other business and be ready by 8am to service clients_

[b]Up to now I have been in places[/b]

: Birmingham/Coventry/Basildon/Manchester/Cardiff/Newcastle –…. Etc … I have liked some more than others and it is natural but generally Uk is a great country and pleasant to live
Unfortunately I cannot predict which location I will go, however I will keep in touch with my contact and will update futures locations and dates when I can_

For now I can’t get enough of Edinburgh and I will be here until 24th of May, and after will be heading to Leytonstone again as I need to also take care of my East London Clients_
Also don’t forget that Duets with other companions are offered mostly in London_ I try to offer Duets only with Women and Post-Op Ts as I like it this way_ The couples I know they normally join with me as clients, or for fun with small donation for my time only, if I can introduce them another couple for a sort of swinging between me and the man/woman and 1-3/2-4/1-5/ xxx action__ Not to worry about the math as it is an equation that works all the times provided that chemistry it is there_ 😉

Kissex Jia V_