Blog’s Clarification

  • Please note:
  • Blogs are written from my own point of view and are based on what I have personally experienced during my escorting venture as a Shemale, meeting guys, women, other TGs. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are entirely my own and might change from time to time as I consider this a natural consequence of having an open mind and hence having a newer and brighter understating according to my development.
    While all care has been taken to provide readers with reliable opinion and sincere analysis, please use your own judgement before taking any decisions based on the information in this blog
    I am human and I do make mistakes; however, the realisation that I made a mistake might only occur later on and therefore at the time of writing what I say is sincere and honest.
    The words on my blog echo the individual I am, but please try not to take my words for granted as words have a mind of their own; instead, read between the lines and watch the gaps, perhaps avoiding to be troubled too quickly by any disturbing feelings or by unrealistic optimism, and between those lines you will find the real me, Jia.
    Read the blog and if your heart is touched, if it tells you something interesting, then we have already met. You might want to leave things this way and decide to use the hints you have received by deepening your knowledge about the Shemale Planet, or perhaps you might even think of meeting the writer/- … and if so, then give me a call and we can take it from there.
    Like anyone else I deal with the ups and downs of my life, trying to mastering my moods wherever possible 😉 however I am certainly friendly and energetic, sensitive and caring.
    Have we met before lol ?