Appointment few hours before

Getting often enquires about meetings few hours before or even days before_

Unfortunately it is not possible Days before, due to the unpredictable days and also because i am doing this part time_

It could be possible taking an appointment few hours before, provided that client confirms one hour or 30 mins before travelling…….

No Guarantee can be given about the precise time though, in case i am still attending a previous session started the previous hour____ But if i happen to be free then it is fine…

Ex > Lets say the person calls at 11am

for an Appointment at 5pm,

this is 6 hours away and most of the time, people are likely to change their mind for various reasons, hence I end up waiting for a person who is not going to turn up and messing up my time, and other people’s time too, with consequent loss of other potential clients who were honest enough to wanting to come_

To Clarify, Calling few hours before for an Appointment later on in the Day, it is possible, provided that >>>

1_ You are able to Accept that I might not be available Exactly at your Wished time (due to being engaged into a prev session started) ….

2_ You confirm 1 Hour or 30 mins, before coming

3_ Communication / Updates / Are Important Often some people, just send a text Saying > “I’m on your way’ but i dont see the text…. The best Option is to wait for my answer to confirm that i will be waiting and be ready for them … This is wise thing to do to avoid your wasted Journey

I do not know that you might be coming, unless you let me know what you are doing …. Often people get my post code and after few hours they show up at the address, without letting me know.. Meanwhile i had taken some other appointments, as i didn’t expect them to come….

Communication / Updates / Are Important

For all other Appointment within the hour or 30 min, it is fine and i can certainly be on time and be ready for the Exact time you wanted to come